Kangarooware was founded in June of 2006 by John A. Fuqua, former Chief Technology Officer of Go Figure, Inc. (World's Largest Membership Management Software Company) in quest for delivering enterprise quality software and technology services to small and medium business. The name Kangarooware was derived from three basic principals, Help Companies Move Forward, Help Companies Overcome Obstacles, and Help Companies Endure Change. The Kangaroo is a mystical animal that characterizes all of the principals of the organization. Move Forward, kangaroos are only forward moving animals because of the design of their large tail used for balancing. Overcome Obstacles, kangaroos are the only ground species that can overcome obstacles of 10 meters in height and 25 meters in distance. Endure Change, kangaroos can survive without water for up to one month in very dry climates.

Value Driven Products
Kangarooware focuses on delivering valuable high quality products to new and existing markets. Kangarooware does this in two ways. First approach, we partner with industry domain experts to solve an industry problem that has not been addressed or addressed but not built very well. Second, Kangarooware identifies the market and internally funds the product development effort for new or existing markets. Depending on the opportunity, market, and timelines, Kangarooware will engineer the software or partner with technology firms and customize and repackage for the domain specific problem.

Value Delivered Services
To support businesses transforming their software development efforts and business processes, Kangarooware offers a comprehensive suite of services that enables selfreliance or accellerated project success. Leveraging more than 12 years of best practices and expertise, Kangarooware offers integrated components and services to customers and partners.

Strategic Partners
Kangarooware is leading the transformation of managed business process into fluid technological enablement in partnership with leading technology and services companies. Kangarooware solutions that are platform-agnostic, truly supporting customer choice of Microsoft® .NET Framework, J2EE™, Eclipse, Java™, and other open source application environments.

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