High Value Simple Solutions
Our products are built on the concept of bringing high value to the consumer with simple easy to use solutions.

CircaRoo is a software project estimation tool.
coming soon!
HealthSmart is a smart card for patient medical information.
coming soon!

MobFlow is a workflow solution for change management software solutions.
coming soon!

We can't do it all alone
Technology and Business partners are how we get the product in your hands. We leverage the best in breed technologies and capitalize on business partners that are experts in their industry. Kangarooware brings it all together to deliver the value and quality you deserve.

Technology: Microsoft, Sun, Apache, RedHat, JetBrains, Infragistics, ej-technologies

Business: Goheen Financial Group, Resolve GeoSciences, Agile Developer, Go Figure, Dewar Technologies, Wright Technologies

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